LDJ EVENTS


- Professional Disco Setup with LED Light Show and PA System. 
- Experienced Party DJ / Entertainer 
- The latest chart music & party songs. 
- Party Dances
- Age Appropriate Party Games & Challenges with Prizes to be won (Optional) 

Teen Disco + Open Air Photobooth

Teen Disco PLUS...
Grab a Prop and Strike a Pose in our Open Air Photobooth...
LDJ Events Photographer, Booth Attendant, Black Sequin Backdrop, Huge Range of Props, Unlimited Photos Taken, TV Display to view all the photos, USB Stick of all the Photos at the end of the night.

Teen Glow

Everything that is included in our Teen Disco Package PLUS... 

- Upgraded UV Light Show

- 30 FREE Glow Sticks 

- 10 FREE Neon / Glow Balloons

- Glow Party Decorations

Encourage your guests to wear white or Neon Clothing and get ready to dance in the dark and GLOW! 

Teen Disco &

Everything that is included in our Teen Disco Package PLUS... 

- Karaoke for up to 2 people at any time 

- Songbook, Karaoke Slips & Twin Radio Mics

- TV Display for Lyrics

- Huge range of songs to choose from!

Off Peak Parties are between 11am & 4pm. On Peak Parties are between 4pm & 9pm 

LDJ Events & Fantasy Castles Party Packages

LDJ Events and Fantasy Castles are both independent companies working together to bring you high quality, action packed parties and ultimate value for your money.

Bubble Machine

Smoke Machine 

100 Glow Sticks

Open Air Photobooth