LDJ EVENTS

A Night at The Horses or A Night at The Dogs  - It's Up To You!
Ideal For Peaky Blinders Themed Parties, Charity Events & Fundraising! 

Our Packages

A Night At The Races (Approx 3hrs)

Up to 8 Races (Horses, Dogs or Mixture of Races)

Projector and 90" Projection Screen

PA System with Background Music Between Races

Host and 'Tote Manager' for the night. 

All Betting Literature, Tote Tickets and Race Cards

£1 a bet. 50/50 split Prize Fund / Charity Donation

(This can be changed)  

Race Night & Disco Package (5hrs) 

A Night At The Races Package

+ Our Premium Mobile Disco Service after racing ends

complete with Experienced Party DJ.

The DJ will also play in between races whilst 

the bets are being placed. 

How does it work? 

Each race has 8 runners.

Guests place a bet which is usually £1 per horse.

The total tote is split 2 ways; 50% to the charity of your choice, the other 50% is the winner's funds. (The % can be changed) This fund will be split between the total number of winners for each race. 

For example; 100 guests betting on one runner each at £1 brings the total tote to £100. £50 is given to the charity, £50 is put aside for the winners. If runner number 1 wins and 10 people have bet on this runner - £50 divided by 10 people means they each win £5. You can opt for all the money taken to go to charity and advertise prizes for each race instead should you wish. 

All of our Races only refer to the runner by their number 1-8. This means that if you are fundraising for a particular charity or have a particular theme for the evening, we are able to name the horses based around this but please do allow plenty of notice if you would like us to do this. 

Our Race Nights comply with The Gambling Commission's Gaming regulations.